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Improvement of practice surrounding unintended pregnancy and vulnerable parenthood

This project is focused on a multidisciplinary approach around the support and care for unintended pregnancies and vulnerable parenthood in The Hague. The project seeks to put into place a better collaboration between professionals working in the medical and social sectors, through which support for unintended pregnancies can be improved with already existing interventions. This will be accomplished by the development of a multidisciplinary learning network and the use of reflective monitoring.

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A Promising Start (Kansrijke Start)

From conception until a 2-year-old toddler: the development that children experience in their first 1000 days is essential for the development through out their life. Stakeholders from delivery care, child health care and municipality work together to give all children a promising start. The RIVM and the LUMC campus The Hague are doing research at regional and national level. Examples of this include the operationalization of vulnerability around pregnancy and the monitoring of the progression of Promising Start-programs. 

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ZonMW Learning Network on Unintended Pregnancy and Vulnerable (young) Parenthood

This learning network involves 25 projects focused on unintended pregnancies and vulnerable (young) parenthood, of which 13 research projects and 12 projects that aims to improve local collaboration. The learning network exists to encourage collaboration, aligning and exchanging knowledge. In this way we can distribute knowledge from different projects in an unambiguous and coherent  manner.

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Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is a kind of group care for pregnant individuals who are due around the same time. After a first initial consult, they come together for check ups and to discuss medical care. The sessions are at a fixed time and take around 2 hours. A group is guided by two people: a midwivfe and another care worker.

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The workshop SAMEN is a collaboration within youth health care with partners from the policy, education, practice, research and family sectors. Together they take on societal issues and stimulate the implementation of knowledge and innovation. A variety of developments, research projects and activities are part of the workshop. The knowledge that is gathered in the learning network and research will be shared with partners in child care.

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